The solution

The VARI-STEPP is a water-retaining door sill, but not an obstacle

  • An excellent water bar for wet rooms
  • Ergonomic for staff
  • Wheelchair-friendly
  • Helps to avoid falls among elderly people
  • Under-door ventilation continues uninhibited

The problem

A traditional sill beneath a door frame is an obstacle to wheeled traffic

  • An obstacle to wheeled traffic including beds, wheelchairs, wheeled walkers and catering trolleys
  • An additional burden on staff
  • A stumbling block to elderly people
  • Far from ideal Occupational Health & Safety

The VARI-STEPP door sill is a product of Dutch design, which appears similar to contemporary door sills. If a load is placed on the VARI-STEPP, however, then it is depressed to floor level, allowing the unimpeded passage of wheeled traffic over the door sill.