Fire Retardant

Safety is an important issue in healthcare and other industries. That’s why compartment fire rings are very common. As a result, for a fire-retardant door, we can now also provide a fire-retardant version of VARI-STEPP.


Because of a new development in the production process it has recently become possible to produce the VARI-STEPP in different colours. By co-extrusion in the same material, the top layer of VARI-STEPP is now available in all (RAL) colours.




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The VARI-STEPP door sill can be fitted practically anywhere. It is particularly suitable for use in wet rooms, as the door sill acts as a water bar. The VARI-STEPP is the solution for sectors with considerable levels of wheeled traffic, such as:

  • Hospitals
  • Nursing and care homes
  • (Private) care apartments
  • Hotel & catering establishments/kitchens
  • Airports/stations

New Construction & renovation

VARI-STEPP can be applied in new constructions. This can be taken into account during the design and implementation phase, but also during renovations when a traditional stone sill can be replaced by the VARI-STEPP. If there is no door sill, a channel can be cut into the floor and the VARI-STEPP can be retrofitted.